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Serious Teacher Wanted

Posted by:BKEnglish

2017-8-31 2:25:00

Company UID:10119

About This Job
【Job Location】:/
【Pay Range】:35-50 Won
【Job Category】:Adult Conversation/Grammar/BusinessEnglish
【Working Duration】:Dongdaemoon line #4 / Yeoido line #9

More Job Details
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Student 1
Level : advance beginner ( very relaxed and easy class - student is very enthusiastic!!! )
Start: September
(9:00 - 30) starting time
class duration 90 minutes
Tuition: 50,000 won 90 minutes
Location: Dongdaemoon
Day:Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday
Student 2
Level : beginner ( low )
Start: pending - September
Class duration: 60 minutes
Tuition: 35,000 won 60 minutes.
Location: Dongdaemoon
Days: Twice a week
Student 3
Level: advance ( middle school student )
Start: September
Tuition: 50,000 won 90 minutes ( possibly 60,000 won )
Location: Yeoido / Saet-gang Station line 9
Time: 2:00pm
Days: Monday ( once a week )
Please send a simple resume please. please apply if interested! But do please come from a country where the native tongue is English!
Email: Kevinjkim@me.com
Phone: 010-3832-9095 text before calling plz.
Please NOTE: I’m honest and I never f*@k anyone over money.

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