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【Now in】:KoreaSeoul
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【Preferred Job Type】:Elementary & Secondary Public Schools,Children's Institutes/ Kindergartens,Middle/High School Institutes,Middle/High School Institutes,Children's Institutes/ Kindergartens
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RESUME NAME : JOSEF SENTEL SEX MALE PROFESSION : TEACHING E-MAIL : TEACHERJOE7@YAHOO.COM TELEPHONE : 010-2175-9959 ADDRESS : BUCHEON CITY Marital status : Married with Korean (F-6 Visa) Nationality : Canada ACADEMIC PROFILE CERTIFICATE(s) Qualification/Major T E S O L (International) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TEFL International) T E FL (International) Teaching English As a Foreigner Languages (TEFL International) CERTIFICATE(s) Qualification/Major BACHELOR English Literature Education Karoien university TEACHING EXPERIENCE: more than seven (7) Years I personally enjoy working with this age group Public SCHOOLS PROVINCE YEAR TYPE OF CONTRACT ?? ???? ?? 2014 Full - Time ?? ???? ?? 1013 Part time ?? ???? ?? 2012 Ful time SCHOOLS TAUGHT SUBJECT YEAR TYPE OF CONTRACT Orange Foreign Language School Songea bucheon 2010~2012 Full - Time WEC Bucheon English Teenagers) 2008~20010 Part - Time eastern Foreign Language School 2005 Bugea (incheon) 2009~2010 Full - Time ELIM EDU Bucheon English Letter-writing, Reports Writing, 2008~2009 Full - Time Public SCHOOLS PROVINCE YEAR TYPE OF CONTRACT YBM ecc academy Anyang 2007~2008 Full - Time GnB sindorim 2005~2007 Part time I am familiar with creating lesson plans and creating exciting activities LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY LANGUAGE SPOKEN FLUENCY ACCURACY ENGLISH LANGUAGE FRENCH LANGUAGE KOREAN LANGUAGE EXCELLENT GOOD NOT TO BED EXCELLENT AVERAGE Self description: I am a relaxed teacher who likes to teach in, and create, a fun atmosphere. I find that is most conducive to learning. I have taught all levels with good success. I am responsible, don’t need to be supervised and I am ALWAYS on time. I like reading books, outgoing sport, traveling. References Available upon request

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