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【Now in】:outside of Korea
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【Preferred Job Type】:Children's Institutes/ Kindergartens,Middle/High School Institutes,Elementary & Secondary Public Schools,Universities & Private Schools,Online/Phone Teaching,Private Tutoring,Exam Prep,Adult Conversation/Grammar/BusinessEnglish,Translations & Interpretation,Other Teaching Jobs,Government and NGOs,Other Fields Specialists,Modeling / Broadcasting / Voice Acting,Sales/Advertising/Marketing/PR
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My name is Alvaro Torres, and I am interested in finding a teaching position in Seoul. There are a few reasons in which I would like to work in Seoul; the first of which is because I enjoy teaching. I do have one year of teaching experience in Korea and I have developed a passion for it. I feel I have excellent people skills which can help when relating with students and management. Also, I have a strong work ethic, I want a 6 day a week position, but am willing to take a 5 day as well. I am also fluent in Spanish, reading, writing and speaking, as well as English so if you need use of those skills, I would me more than happy to provide that as well. If you have any open positions feel free to contact me.

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