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【Now in】:Philippines
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【Preferred Job Type】:Children's Institutes/ Kindergartens,Middle/High School Institutes,Private Tutoring
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EDUCATION: 2012 – 2016 SAINT MARY’S ANGELS COLLEGE OF PAMPANGA San Pedro Sta. Ana, Pampanga  Bachelor of Secondary Education - English 2008 – 2012 SAINT JOHN NEPMOUCENE PAROCHIAL SCHOOL St.John, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija 2002 – 2008 PALASINAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Palasinan, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija AWARDS/ACHIEVEMENTS: • Educating the Millennial Students: A Challenge to Educators August 29, 2012 • Learning Leadership in the 21st Century January 25, 2013 • Family Planning and Responsible Parenthood February 22, 2013 • Cyber Crime Law and Bullying February 27, 2013 • Literacy Training Service (LTS) March 13, 2013 • Classroom-Based Strategies and Assessment in the 21st Century August 16, 2013 • Research Exposure: A Teacher’s Edge in the 21st Century March 08, 2014 Shaping Pre-Service Teachers towards the Changing Educational July 25, 2014 Landscape • Learning in the 21st Century September 19, 2014 • Emerging Gender Awareness Strategies for Alternative Development August 05, 2015 • Globalization and Its Impact to Continuously Changing Paradigm August 05, 2015 In Education • Communication and Media Profession September 07, 2015 RELEVANT TEACHING EXPERIENCES: • Student-Teacher, Saint Mary’s Angels College of Pampanga, 2013 • Student Teacher, Camba High School, Camba , Pampanga, 2014 • Student Teacher, Justino Sevilla High School, Mangga Cacutud, Pampanga, 2015 • Student Teacher, Saint John Nepomucene Parochial School, St. John, Cabiao, N.E. Present PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: • Licensed Professional Teacher KEY STRENGTHS: • Computer literate • Research exposed • English Proficient

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