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We are currently without any imminent need for capital and are therefore focusing mostly on the operational aspects of the project, as opposed to any capital raising issues. Our primary focus is to continuously improve user experience of the site while building a powerful brand. As such, for further rounds of financing we only entertain serious enquires from established VC firms who share our philosophy in business, which can be summarized as follows:

Our project managers, above all things, both possess and value a mentality to maximize "user-friendliness“ by focusing on the details of each project that constitute the ultimate "User Experience". We believe that a critical determinant to success is not the "fantastic idea" per se, but the ability to even materialize a "good" idea to its fullest extent through operational excellence.

We find that to achieve superior results, 4 factors are crucial.

1. A good concept.

2. A good strategy.

3. An extremely powerful brand.

4. An obsessive focus on details, details and details based on teamwork and a good company culture.

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